Costume in collaboration with JUST and Annette Haga

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JUST Female just came out with their new limited edition collection. For this amazing collection, I wanted to create a huge boost by having a collaboration with the chicky stylish, Annette Haga, and the no. 1 fashion magazine in Norway, Costume. Annette Haga loved the idea of Costume in collaboration with JUST Female and wanted to be a part of it.

The collection is the perfect combination of Scandinavian spring-early summer with a red shocking leather skirt, flowery silk dress and cool print-tees (which is always a must in every collection).

Some of the biggest trends for spring and summer 2017 are the colors pink and red, and often a combination between the sporty and the more feminine. Hoodies and sneakers, as well as floral prints and ruffles are hot this season, and accessories, especially belts, butt bags and colored mirror lenses on the glasses, apply.

Costume in collaboration with JUST and Annette Haga

I think the combination with a pretty maxi dress, t-shirt and sneakers are so cool! I love this Magnolia print and by styling floral patterns this way you immediately get a little more attitude.

Annette Haga says: “Oh yeah, I love when it’s time to pick up the denim jacket again! Now I have got myself a new favorite, namely this model, in perfect washing and with a slightly oversized shape. The butt bag has made its comeback this year, and here I chose to go for a pair of sandals, which makes the look a little less casual. I also think that the Magnolia print puts the icing on the cake!”

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