SKAPPEL – skappelstrikk

SKAPPEL – skappelstrikk

Today I was shooting for SKAPPEL and I had a lot of fun. It was another girl and me as models, and we have been shooing for a whole day with a great lunch break in between the acts. Why I look a bit “locked up” in my posture is because they wanted me to stand straight up-down for the webshop where they sell the knit and knit-recipe.


Love the color of this wool jacket. The knit is also so comfy!

skappel-genserBehind the scenes and in-between shots of SKAPPEL – skappelstrikk
skappel-genseren-skappelgenseren60 different sweaters/ jackets – impressive for one day! SKAPPEL – skappelstrikk

The photoshoot team <3  


“It was just after Christmas 2011, and I was finally going to move up the mountain world and spend some quiet days at the cabin with a good friend.
As usual, it meant an incredible amount of wonderful romance films and a knitting project. Since it is quite important to get some of the content of the movie you see, it was important that the knitting project was not too complicated. The choice therefore became a simple spacious sweater of soft yarn that did not scratch, and it should be finished before the Christmas holidays are over.

I fixed that! Well back in town, my youngest daughter became dizzy with enthusiasm and immediately adopted the sweater. Since she was to be depicted in Costume with her favorite garments, it became natural for her to wear the sweater.
So it was just for me to get started on my other sweater. My oldest daughter Maria saw that this was a sweater where her pregnant belly could have plenty of room throughout the pregnancy, and wanted one for a birthday present.
It became a camel-colored variety that she loved very thinly. Since she is an avid blogger, it didn’t take long for readers to comment on the sweater, and thus began what became this summer’s great farewell.

That such a simple sweater would prove to be so popular was a mystery to us until we realized what it was all about. It was not just the garment, but as much the process of learning to knit that triggered so many in the summer of 2011.

The Sweater was the start of our brand KAPPEL. Since then, we have had the right collections where the focus has always been to offer knitting sets with simple knitting patterns and quality yarn, which allows anyone to knit their dream garments. There is nothing that warms my heart more than anyone can find the joy of creating something for themselves!”

– Dorthe Skappel

Source: Skappel

Check out me modelling for By Malene Birger’s Instagram account here.


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