Där jag går i mina gyllne skor

kris tue

Där jag går i mina gyllne skor

Today I bought some new shoes from Guess – and they’re so awesome! So I decided to were them at the Birthday Dinner at Julie Schaumburg. It was very fun and a lovely dinner party with my friends.

Butterfly wine to Julie from me

Some delicious muffins for the birthday dinner

reb i speilet
Me and my sister in the mirror

kristina inne


kris ute

kris gå

kris nærme
Me ready for birthday dinner:
Jacket//V-Collection from Grams
New Shoes//Guess

elimy jensen
Emily Jensen in her red coat!

alle i speilet
Emily, Julie and me in the mirror

kyss fra julie
Me and Julie <3

sko på hotell
It’s always lovely to get some compliment about your shoes! :D