Where to eat in London?
Where to eat in London?

Where to eat in London?

Where to eat in London?

During my first week after moving to London, I quickly discovered I need to make a list of all must-go-to-eat-places. I got recommended different places for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for a drink. After my first week, I had over 25 places people recommended me, and the list expanded quickly. After visiting 10-15 places I decided to document the places I went to so I can help friends, family or you who is visiting London where to eat. I am not nearly done with my must-go-to-places-list, but I will continuously update this post during my stay.

In this post, you will find places to go for breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner and for drinks. It is all from avocado toast, truffle burger to vegan dishes. I hope you will enjoy!

Where to eat breakfast/brunch in London

Drunch Mayfair
Location: Mayfair
Instagram: @drunch
Direction: 1 Woodstock Street

Beautiful flower-entrance. A friend and I wanted a delicious weekend brunch and decided to go to Druch in Mayfair.

I really recommend the avocado toast and boiled eggs, with an açaí bowl for sharing on the side. The orange juice is totally fresh – especially if you are a bit more thirsty after a night out.

– – –

Daisy Green
Location: Marylebone
Instagram: @Daisygreencollection
Direction: 20 Seymour Street

We started the lunch with coffee; almond- and matcha latte – very good! A friend and I ordered a really good avocado toast with charcoal bread.

After a delicious lunch, we had a banana milkshake at Daisy Green. 

– – –

Farm Girl
Location: Soho
Instagram: @Farmgirlcafe
Direction: 1 Carnaby Street

Farm Girl’s food never disappoints if you want a fresh healthy brunch. This is the picture is from my first time at Farm Girl in Soho, and I had a vegan-day – so I went for an açaí bowl and a half sandwich with coconut-bacon – delicious!

You will find Farm Girl on the 1st floor in 1 Carnaby Street (2nd floor in Norwegian).

Next time I went to Farm Girl I ordered the avocado toast with poached eggs… ok, I should probably just make a post about avocado toast?

– – –

Yeo Town Kitchen 
Location: Marylebone
Instagram: @yeotownkitchen
Direction: 40-42 Chiltern Street

Quiet place in Chiltern Street – a good place to study/read if you live nearby.

Scrambled eggs, salad with a delicious homemade salad dressing – and a fruit plate on the side.

– – –

Where to eat lunch in London

The Providores
Location: Marylebone
Instagram: @theprovidores
Direction 109 Marylebone High Street

This was very good, but I will admit that I did not roll out of the restaurant because of saturation… Next time I will go for something else rather than a small starter.

– – –
Location: Shoreditch
Instagram: @Redemptionbar
Direction: 320 Old Street

There are a lot of vegans nowadays, and a friend of mine happen to be one on them. Therefore, we went to Redemption in Shoreditch, which is a vegan restaurant and bar.

I am not much of a vegan person, but it can be really nice sometimes. I went for a squash pasta with pesto. If you ask for extra pesto (and are a fan of course) – this dish is perfect for an easy lunch. Their sweet potato fries were also really good!

– – –

The Ivy Chelsea Garden
Location: Chelsea
Instagram: @ivychelsgarden
Direction: 195-197 King’s Road

My older sister and I could not decide what we wanted for lunch at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. Therefore, we chose to share an onion soup, foie grad, and a duck salad. All of the dishes we ordered was fantastic! My younger sister, on the other hand – to be more critical – had a fish and chips – and I would not recommend that one.

My mother, Anne Kathrine Krøvel, taking a sneak-picture of little sister Karoline (YouTube channel) and older sister Rebecca waiting for the food. 

– – –
Burger and Lobster
Location: SoHo
Instagram: @Burgerandlobster
Direction: 36 Dean Street

Burger and Lobster was my top-go-to-place every time I went to London. If you are into a burger, lobster, and truffle (my favorites) – you have to try their truffle burger with lobster – it is SO delicious. I can recommend the lobster roll as well.

– – –
Location: Marylebone
Instagram: @Aubaineuk
Direction: 7 Moxon Street

Chevre salad and sweet potato fries.

– – –
Location: Kensington
Instagram: @Aubaineuk
Direction: 37 Kensington High Street

I have tried Aubaine in Marylebone, Mayfair, and Kensington. Every time I went to Aubaine I did not know it was the same restaurant chain… so I manage to order chevre salad in Marylebone and Kensington. I would say the one in Kensington was the best one. If you would like a starter and you are at Aubaine in Mayfair – I would definitely go for foie gras.


Where to eat dinner in London

Location: Mayfair
Instagram: @Rokarestaurant
Direction: 30 N Audley Street

Great sushi and dumplings at Roka in Mayfair. I really want to try out the other Roka restaurants in town.

Mews of Mayfair
Location: Mayfair
Instagram: @Mewsofmayfair
Direction: 10 Lancashire Ct

Truffle burger with truffle fries!

Cafe Pacifico
Location: Covent Garden
Instagram: @Officialcafepacifico
Direction: 5 Langley Street

If you feel like Mexican food – Cafe Pacifico will satisfy you with the food and environment. They play Mexican music and are a busy laidback restaurant in the middle of Covent Garden. I recommend being very hungry when you visit Cafe Pacifico!


Nordic Bar
Location: Fitzrovia
Instagram: @Nordicbar
Direction: 25 Newman Street

As a Norwegian, I get cravings on Scandinavian food while living in London. At Nordic Bar, in Fitzrovia, you can get actually very good meatballs with mashed potatoes – or as it is called in Norwegian “kjøttboller i brunsaus med potetstappe.

Ciao Bella
Location: Holborn
Instagram: @ciao_bella_restaurant
Direction: 86-90 Lamb’s Conduit St

Feeling for pizza or pasta – or maybe both like? You can get it at Ciao Bella in Holborn.

108 Marylebone
Location: Marylebone
Instagram: @hotelthemarylebone
Direction: 108 Marylebone Lane

Dessert and tea at 108 in Marylebone.

Radio Rooftop Bar
Location: Covent Garden
Instagram: @Radiorooftopbar
Direction: 337 Strand

If you would like a drink with a view you should try out Radio Rooftop in Covent Garden.

Soho House
Location: SoHo
Instagram: Soho House
Direction: 76 Dean Street

In London, you can go different Soho House all over town if you are a member or if you know someone who is. Luckily, I have a friend who is a member – so we went to Soho House in Dean Street and Mayfair House in one evening. A great place to have a drink and chat with your friends.

Flight Club
Location: Bloomsbury
Instagram: @Flightclubdarts
Direction: 55 New Oxford Street

Want to have a drink and play some dart? Flight Club in Bloomsbury can give you this experience. It is a good vibe in the room, and while waiting for your turn you can sit down and enjoy the atmosphere.

– – –
The Ivy Chelsea Garden
Location: Chelsea
Instagram: @ivychelsgarden
Direction: 195-197 King’s Road

Champagne is always a good idea on a Saturday afternoon…

… or a Bellini. Because of the beautiful warm fall day, we sat outside in the garden!


I hope you enjoyed my “Where to eat in London” tips!


If you are in London with your family – you can have a look at my family weekend in London here.