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Coise Cardigan By Malene Birger

Coise Cardigan By Malene Birger Cardigan from by Malene Birger. I didn’t think that a would use this cardigan that much, but it fits perfect to mostly everything. It’s from the pre fall collection so it’s warm enough for a cold summer day and the beginning of the fall.  Jacket// By Malene Birger  Shoes// Zara  Purse// Zara 

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Aspiri kurs, Nydalen

Aspiri kurs, Nydalen Today I’ve been on a Aspiri course to macroeconomics (Makroøkonomi). I’m weaing a skirt from Forever 21, and a wool jacket from Acne – a comfy clothing to sit and write economics.

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Patterned Wednesday

Patterned Wednesday It’s back to school, and I’ve spent ten hours on Handelshøyskolen BI today. All my exams are just around the corner – so it’s time to work hard, and play hard later. It has been a long day! My clothing: Patterned t-shirt//Zara Scarf//Louis Vuitton Jeans//Gestuz Wool jacket//Acne

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