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Summer vacation in Oslo

Summer vacation in Oslo Finally I’m done whit all exams and I have summer vacation! Here I’m on my way to the beach and ready for some tanning. Dress// Purse//Burberry Shoes//Marenas

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Aspiri kurs, Nydalen

Aspiri kurs, Nydalen Today I’ve been on a Aspiri course to macroeconomics (Makroøkonomi). I’m weaing a skirt from Forever 21, and a wool jacket from Acne – a comfy clothing to sit and write economics.

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The King’s Garden

The King’s Garden Today I’m wearing all white and beige. I think that’s two beautiful colors together! Later today I’m going back to Oslo to finish my final exams in Organiasjonsatferd og Ledelse and Makroøkonomi Blouse//Isabel Marant Shorts//American Apparel

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