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International Marketing dinner

International Marketing dinner Last night my class in International Marketing had dinner at the restaurant Mona Lisa. Two persons from my class handed out some awards, and my friend Ellen got the price for the princess of the evening! Later we went on a place called Mabou! My clothing at party: Dress//Cos Boots//Frye Wool jacket//Acne Belt//HunkyDory

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Cultural in Stockholm

Cultural in Stockholm I’ve been a tourist in Stockholm, where I visited the royal castle, a church and some other famous buildings. Stockholm is a very cool city, and I recommend everyone to go there. There’s a good nightlife and awesome people. There are now sales in some clothing stores, so worth taking a shopping trip. Me in the church.…

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Tourist Bergen, Norway

Tourist Bergen, Norway Playing tourists in Bergen while we are supervising the IFORM-løp —————————————————————————————————- Outfit: Acne knitted jacket, Samsøe and samsøe leather jacket, Gucci belt, Louis Vuitton scarf.

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