Shorts during winter

Selfie at home in Oslo

Shorts during winter

Sometimes we get stuck with some pieces are “summer clothes” while other is just “winter clothes”. I saw these shorts online and thought “oh, these will be nice with some tan legs during summer” but I really wanted to buy them straight away. As an ASOS premium member, I got them the next day and kind of wanted to wear them immediately. Quickly I found out that with a pair of tights underneath I could easily use them even though the temperature was close to zero outside.

Military green shorts from ASOS – why not shorts during winter?

Being creative with what you have in your closet is important and being able to use the pieces that are meant for a specific season is easy to change with the right outfit. It would be cool with a pair of denim shorts, pattern tights, and a colourful wool sweater over and voila – a denim shorts is a part of the “winter clothes” family.

Karma chilling on the sofa enjoying her time with me in Oslo

Did you know that my dog is famous? She has an Instagram account with over 10k followers @KARMA.KUL, and she even has a website. Karma is one lucky dog! She is sister to me, Karoline and Rebecca – and a happy child to Anne Kathrine. Karoline even includes Karma in her TikTok and YouTube videos (sometimes). Karma is a labradoodle – so a mixture of a puddle and a labrador.

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