IBEN AW18 Runway Show

Me super happy (and relieved) after my third runway show as Project Manager for this event as IBEN’s PR & Marketing Manager.

IBEN AW18 Runway Show

This is my third runway show for IBEN. It was a huge success! All the front and second road came, and there was almost not enough space to for standing audience – but, everyone loved the new Autumn Winter 2018 collection from IBEN. Anh-Marthe Storheil, the Creative Director, had a lot of interviews after the show – and it will be so exciting to read the press coverages after this success!

I ran out to get a snap of the last guest before the show starts. It was a huge cue to get into the venue (which is GREAT), and everyone got a space (eventhough a lot of people had to stand, which was already planned).

Everyone is excited before the show…

Let the show begin…

Final where Anh-Marthe Storheil and the designers come out.


IBEN is a Norwegian premium lifestyle brand established in 2014, with high quality clothing that represents a free, llaid-back mindset. Relaxed and layered silhouettes define the look, with distinct colour palettes as an important part of each collection. The collections emphasize materials and textures that are often heavy and rigid, such as English corduroy and Italian denim. The brand is known for its recognizable, premium knits and masculine cut overcoats. IBEN aimes to provide self-made women with the wardrobe they need to communicate their identity and way of life.

Source: Oslo Runway

The best feeling after a successfully runway show! Anh-Marthe and me very pleased after a fantastic show! 

IBEN AW18 Runway Show

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