17th May


17th May

The National Day in Norway is on the 17th of May. It is a lovely day where you wear the national dress and drink champagne from 9 in the morning. It is a really nice day to visit Oslo on if you want to see how we´re celebrating our national day.


Julie and me in our Sunnmørsbunad – national dress from Sunnmøre

17th may

Eating/ drinking at the Holocaust museum at Bygdøy in Oslo

National Day in Norway

meg nr 1

National Day in Norway

It is Independence Day in Norway today. It is tradition to dress in Bunad. All Norwegians have different Bunader, and it depends on where in Norway they have relatives. Everyone is down town and partying all day long, and the children go in parades.

mother and daugther bunad
This is me and my mother in Sunnmørsbunad.

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