Party in Oslo


Party in Oslo

All white to day with my favorite boots from Frye. I got a new sweater from Zara, it’s very casual but cool at the same time!

Shades//Ray Ban
Necklace//Bjørg and from Grams

Där jag går i mina gyllne skor

kris tue

Där jag går i mina gyllne skor

Today I bought some new shoes from Guess – and they’re so awesome! So I decided to were them at the Birthday Dinner at Julie Schaumburg. It was very fun and a lovely dinner party with my friends.

Butterfly wine to Julie from me

Some delicious muffins for the birthday dinner

reb i speilet
Me and my sister in the mirror

kristina inne


kris ute

kris gå

kris nærme
Me ready for birthday dinner:
Jacket//V-Collection from Grams
New Shoes//Guess

elimy jensen
Emily Jensen in her red coat!

alle i speilet
Emily, Julie and me in the mirror

kyss fra julie
Me and Julie <3

sko på hotell
It’s always lovely to get some compliment about your shoes! :D

Saturday Night Fever

hedda, donya, helga og elise

Saturday Night Fever

Tonight I asked my friends to pose for my camera – and so they did. We have been at a gathering at Elise Stärk – it was very cozy! Later we took a trip to Skaugum where we danced with a drink in our hand.

Elise Stärk
Elise Stärk posing for the camera

elise fritch elise stärk
Elise and Elise Fritch dancing

sara  karen rogers
Sara Scott and Karen Rogers

hedda andam søhol kristina krøvel
Me and Hedda Søhol

cornelia hals jule schamburg
Cornelia Hals and Julie Schaumburg – someone have been in Miami!

taxi donya hedda kris
On our way to Skaugum in a maxi taxi