Reykjavik Iceland


Reykjavik, Iceland 

What to wear on Iceland? I asked myself before my vacation to Reykjavik. Reykjavik is the world’s northernmost national capital, and it’s also a compact, tightly organized city where you can walk nearly everywhere in a few minutes.

img_2540Cool manhole covers in the middle of the street on my way to the church in Reykjavik. 


Hallgrímskirkja – the church in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

style-fashion-reykjavik-iceland-kristina-krovelWalking the streets in Reykjavik with my new wrist warmers. Reykjavik has a wide selection of fur in everything from gloves, beanies, jackets and shoes in different types of fur. 


 Reykjavik Iceland <3 


Pre fall 2016 

Pre fall 2016 

The summer is almost over and the fall is approaching Scandinavia. This Vinnie-dress from by Malene Birger is nice to wear on a late summer day, or trough the autumn with a pair of leggings or leather pants.

Kristina Krøvel
Kristina Krøvel

The color combinations is so beautiful on this dress

Family Time in Tønsberg


Family Time in Tønsberg

Jeg har vært på besøk hos mormor og onkelen min på Nøtterøy ved Tønsberg. Mormoren min og onkelen min er naboer – så jeg og søsteren min, Rebecca, sov hos mormor. I går spiste vi potetball til middag – som er en veldig typisk Vestlands rett, og til kveldsmat spiste vi blåskjellsuppe. I dag har jeg og Rebecca gått en liten tur ved havet, og nå er jeg på vei hjem. I kveld skal jeg spise middag hos Hedda som bor på Bygdøy.

We’ve been visiting my family in Tønsberg. Me and my sister slept at our grandma’s place, while the rest stayed at my uncle’s place. Yesterday we ate traditional Norwegian food for dinner called Potetball, and mussel soup in the evening. Today me and my sister went for a walk by the sea. Now we’re on our way home. Tonight I’m eating dinner with Hedda and Donya.

Sunny weather

Family time




The swans taking a walk on ice

Totaly normal on a pier


My cousin Elea Johanne

Rebecca and me

The view from my uncle’s place on my grandmorther’s house