Weekend trip to Oslo

Weekend trip to Oslo 

Deilig høsttur til Oslo. Fargene på høsten er helt fantastiske. På bildet ovenfor har jeg på mine nye behagelige jeans fra Tirger, Max Mara kåpe og Missoni skjerf med farger som passer perfekt inn i sesongens farger.

Here comes the sun

Ready for party. 

Lekker leopardkåpe fra By Malene Birger.

New batman t-shirt from BikBok, leather skirt from By Malene Birger

Selfie in front of a selfie.



It’s not much biking in Oslo compared to Cph…

Frederiksberg Garden Copenhagen


Frederiksberg Garden Copenhagen
It’s so nice to finally just use skirt and t-shirt! I’m wearing a grey super-comfy skirt from Elven Paris, sneakers from Adidas Sam Smith and grey Balenciaga purse. My sister has a grey dress from Designer Remix. Frederiksberg Garden is a beautiful Scandinavian park in Copenhagen, and perfect to have a picnic or to just enjoy the nature.

I have no idea about the history of this building, but I’m a really fan of ancient Greek architecture.

Eleven Paris skirt, Balenciaga purse, Adidas Sam Smith shoes, Zara t-shirt.

Missoni look alike


Missoni look alike

The dress I’m wearing today is a Missoni look alike dress, but I like the dress because of the shape and details over the shoulder and stuff. I’m wearing my green Converse to match the dress – I just love to matching things when you’re dressing up. I also think people care too less about matching their own clothes! But anyway – today I took a walk by the pier on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

Matching my dress with some green shades from Monkey.

And my Converse of course

Christiania – free town


Christiania – free town

Today we visited Christiania and took an organic beer. I’m wearing my new Nike Air Max, and they match perfect to my bike! Everyone in Copenhagen has a bike – so of course I needed my cool bike to fit perfectly in. I’m wearing my white jacket today because of the beautiful weather in September!


White leather jacket//Zara
Scarf//Louis Vuitton

Scandinavian Sisters

sisters norway

Scandinavian Sisters

My sister is visiting me, and we are on our way to town. I’m wearing my leather pants from Gestuz, and some grey New Balance shoes. My sister is wearing her leather jacket with spikes from Zara and some white Nike air force. Sneakers fits perfect for a night out in Copenhagen. You don’t see many people whit high heels on the city here!


Bomber jacket//Coster Copenhagen
Ring//Tom Wood
Leather pants//Gestuz
Shoes//New Balance

Black and white Thursday


Black and white Thursday

I bought a new party purse from Zara. It’s a black, casual purse which can be used for multipurpose. It’s still one week before school starts. Today I’ve been on a picnic at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

Black and white in CPH
My clothing:
Wool sweater//Hunkydory
Dress//Forever 21