Champagne Copenhagen

Champagne Copenhagen Celebrating Saturday night with my colleges from By Malene Birger with a lovely dinner at PS Bar & Grill and some champagne. // @ By Malene Birger  @ By Malene Birger @ PS Bar & Grill    @ By Malene Birger  @ By Malene Birger  Top//Acne – Necklace//Bvulgari – Pants//By Malene Birger  

Job interview outfit 

    Job interview outfit  It’s not always easy to decide what to wear as an outfit for a job interview. Leather pants are on the other hand always a good option to any outfits – so that’s a good start to begin with.  Then a blazer can always save the leather pants to be a bit more sophisticated. The blazer I’m wearing is also from By Malene Birger, but not exactly the same. A basic black blazer is always a good option.     This By Malene Birger dress is just perfect to have over a pair of jeans, leather pats or just tights. And it is so easy to dress it up with a pair of highheels and a fancy clutch, or […]